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feel like this.


We’ve done a world first on our mission to create working environments that leave us healthier and happier, just from being there. Effortless.

The first desk in the world that allows full floor to standing range of motion at the speed of human movement and we are building a business that experiments in ways to better care for people and nature in the process.

We got here by challenging the current thinking of personal workspaces, because we spend most of our productive life working and even though the way we work has changed, how we are working hasn’t kept up.

We want your desk to be an object you are proud of, one that represents your values and a place that supports you to live your best life.
Limber Team

Effortless health and performance.

As a collective made up of a Physiotherapist, Engineer, crafts people and creative thinkers we are bending the rules to make healthy, high performing behaviours effortless. We are systematically connecting the latest scientific understanding of health, performance and behaviour change with the environment we spend the majority of our productive life, the workspace.

Working with software developers and digital folk in some of New Zealand’s most progressive tech companies (like Xero, Dev Academy and TradeMe) and with 100’s of collaborators and customers, since 2015 we have crafted three tools that are shifting the way people work.

If you bought a Limber in 2018, your desk protected some of our most precious indigenous rainforests in the Pacific through offsetting 225% of our operating carbon emissions with Ekos. We are also working towards having full transparency of our supply chain and environmental impacts of all components of Limber, read more about this here.

We’re not perfect, yet. But with your support everyday we will make steps to become a model for business in a sustainable future.

Say hello to the team

Bart Limber

Bart de Vries

Founder and Physiotherapist, Bart brings his experience and learnings as a Physiotherapist and professional athlete with his passion for sustainable business.

Nandan Limber

Nandan Patel

Nandan is passionate about health and fitness, taking a deep interest in the human body and personal development. He leads marketing and customer support for the Limber community.

Eric Limber

Eric de Vries

Eric is a master craftsman with decades of experience in crafting, an acute attention to detail and passion for humanity he is in the workshop team making your Limbers.

Peter Limber desk

Peter Jacobson

Founder and Engineer, Peter brings his experience and passion for design, movement and mindfulness.

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