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Improving your health and performance while you work.

80% of adults will experience back pain in their life, chances are you know how that feels. Add to this the increasing rates of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity in Aotearoa. How you might ask? One of the big culprits is lack of movement. More specifically lack of movement while we work, the place where we spend the majority of our productive life.

As a Physio, Limber Founder Bart had had enough of treating people suffering from the effects of the sedentary workplace so assembled a team, started working with Xero, Trademe and Dev Academy and delving into the research to create a solution.

Limber is the result. A full personal workspace system dedicated to improving the health and performance of you and your teams while you work through making more movement faster, easier and more attractive than ever before.

Why is that important? Faster, easier more attractive movement means you are more likely to move. More movement means more benefits. Benefits like reduced disease and back pain, increased energy, creativity, productivity and calories burnt. That’s pretty good, right?

Limber Team
We want your desk to be an object that supports you to feel and do your best, to be an object you are proud of, one that represents your values and a place that supports you to live your best life.

Effortless health and performance.

As a collective made up of a Physiotherapist, Engineer, crafts people and creative thinkers we are bending the rules to make healthy, high performing behaviours effortless. We are systematically connecting the latest scientific understanding of health, performance and behaviour change with the environment we spend the majority of our productive life, the workspace.

If you bought a Limber in 2018, your desk protected some of our most precious indigenous rainforests in the Pacific through offsetting 225% of our operating carbon emissions with Ekos. We are also working towards having full transparency of our supply chain and environmental impacts of all components of Limber, read more about this here.

Say hello to the team

Bart Limber

Bart de Vries

Founder and Physiotherapist. Bart brings his experience and learnings as a Physiotherapist and professional athlete with his passion for sustainable business.

Nandan Limber

Nandan Patel

Nandan is passionate about health and fitness, taking a deep interest in the human body and personal development. He leads marketing and customer support for the Limber community.

Eric Limber

Eric de Vries

Eric is a master craftsman with decades of experience, an acute attention to detail and a passion for humanity. He is in the workshop team making your Limber.

Peter Limber desk

Peter Jacobson

Founder and Engineer. Peter brings his experience and passion for design, movement and mindfulness.

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