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Limber is a beautiful, fast moving and flexible workstation that creates a space efficient office geared for collaboration and high performance.

Maximise your space.

Created by a collective of health professionals, creative thinkers, and engineers.

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Some of the companies around town you'll see using Limber.

What the health industry is saying.


Paul Lagerman - Senior Physiotherapist, public speaker and creator of The Naked Physio.

“Most older generation workstations have 2 degrees of movement - sitting and/or standing. Limbers design has been developed from understanding the relationships between productivity and movement. Movement stimulates our minds and it generates social engagement. These in turn improve our productivity. Integrating the current research on the health benefits of movement variability, such as utilising the floor, the Limber provides 4 degrees of movement connecting us, our bodies and our mind.”


Carl Hammington - Director of Healthfit Collective and Best Me, Strength and Conditioning Coach.

“Limbers ability to move so quickly between standing, chair sitting, and most remarkably into floor postures is game changing. This is a huge advancement as the ability to go from standing to sitting on the floor is linked to longevity.”


Chris Pettet - Senior Physiotherapist

“Limber has systematically removed barriers to health and performance. Making it easy and quick to move from standing to sitting means that you’re more likely to do it and get the health and performance benefits that come with that.”


Michael Fairless - Director of Real World Health, Strength and Conditioning Coach.

“Optimising your workspace for movement is an incredible way to getting health outcomes during your day.”




Iain Kirkpatric - Software developer

“I love how super easy it is to go up and down and change position.”

Russell Golding- Ops and Sales at Conscious Consumers.

“The customisable nature of Limber is phenomenal. Its modular design can accommodate so many different setups. I can swivel my monitors, keep all my cables tidied away in the cubby, and hang my headphones on the beautiful hooks. The wood grain and biophilic elements are the icing on the cake for me!”



Natalie Scisson - Chief Freedomist & educator at

“Limber gets me moving and being much more conscious of when I'm not. It's given me much more pleasure in working from my laptop.”

Ben Gleisner- CEO Conscious Consumers

“Limber is as good looking as it is good for you! I have found that Limber has made me more mobile and also more accessible to others.”

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Josh Vial - Entrepreneur & Software Developer.

“I love the way Limber reminds me to keep focused on healthy work practices and I definitely miss it whenever I travel and have to use a regular desk.”

Connor Boyle - Events and Marketing Executive for the Malcam Charitable Trust

“I call it my seriously awesome, actually ergonomic desk and I love the way that I feel at the end of a long day at work with Limber. When I work at home, without my Limber, I get sore and stiff and uncomfortable after only a few hours.”



  • Highest table setting - 123.7cm

  • Lowest table setting - 19.5cm

    • Can go from top to bottom in less than 2 seconds.

  • Petal Limber Footprint - 0.7m squared and Rectangle Limber 1.0m squared (a standard desk is 1.3m squared)

  • CMS cabling and daisy chain able.

  • Built on braked castor wheels so you can move it around the office or house.


  • Sit to Rise Table

  • Single & Dual Monitor Mounts (VESA Mount Compatible)

  • Limber Stool (for a limited time only)

  • Out of sight Cable Management

  • Braked Castor Wheels

  • Book Ends

  • Headphone Hanger

  • Coat hanger


We rely on the forest so we partnered with suppliers that care for the environment.

Limber products are proudly New Zealand made to last from premium Nordic Birch forested under strict environmental protection standards.

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With your purchase you will also receive;

  1. One on one workstation assessment and optimisation session with our founding Physiotherapist (valued at $200).

  2. Limber Stool (valued at $149.00) so you can sit in comfort.

$350+ of added benefits, for free.  

*$1699 excluding GST with $400+ of free extra benefits, for a limited time only.