Fall in love with movement.

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As the rate of sedentary related disease increases in our society it must be asked, have we fallen out of love with movement?  

With scientific research showing our ability to sit on the ground & rise up to standing is a predictor of survival (broadly speaking, health) there is no question about movement being fundamental to your health and performance as a human.

It’s true, we have lost much of our ability to move pain free simply because we don't work in environments that allow us to use our body through full range of motion each day. How can we move more during the work day when we are locked into fixed or hard to move workstations? There is a growing focus by health professionals on increasing the time we spend in fundamental ground postures which is being driven by thought leading performance coaches and movement practitioners around the globe. 


Meet Ido Portal. Ido is an influential high performance trainer and mover with a large following, focussing on movement to realise the full potential of the human body.


What's to it? 

Floor sitting allows you to use and maintain your bodies range of motion, balance and strength, each day every day.

Floor sitting allows you to use and maintain your bodies range of motion, balance and strength, each day every day.


As humans, throughout all cultures and all ages we have spent our resting & much of our working lives on the ground in variations of squat, kneeling or cross-legged postures. We found it easy getting into & out of these postures until we introduced objects into our spaces which limited our movement, creating bodies with dis-ease in both form & function (Beach 2010).

At Limber we are on a mission to glam up the ground, to make it comfortable and enticing. We believe it is time for the word to fall back in love with movement and we believe the floor has a key role to play in your health and the future perfomance of businesses around the world.

Through such a simple act we give ourselves the opportunity to be strong, balanced & in tune. We give ourselves the opportunity to move, stretch & be healthy.

That's what sparked our passion and lead us to creating the Limber Desk. 

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The Limber Desk has been created in a collaboration of health professionals, creative thinkers & engineers to bring the focus back to what’s important. It’s not prolonged sitting, nor is it prolonged standing.

It’s movement.