Climate Positive Limber; The Why & How.


At Limber our purpose is to create environments where health and performance are the default. That can’t happen if our planet warms above 1.5 degrees C and becomes unstable, so we are chipping in to ensure a healthy future for everyone.

The pinch is real. As a business operating on our planet we see it as our responsibility to operate within our planetary boundaries and be a part of the solution that can ensure a sustainable future on our beautiful planet for us all.

Johan Rockström is a world-renowned climate change scientist, Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and was named the 2017 Hillary Laureate by the Hillary Institute of International Leadership. His work on planetary boundaries has been accepted and endorsed by hundreds of the world's top scientists as representing a safe operating space for humanity.

To become Climate Positive is getting easier and easier as more services are being offered that can provide what we want with a reduced, net zero or even positive impact on the environment.

We are one of the businesses making this possible for you and here is how we have started;

Carbon Positive

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There are aspects of our business where carbon production is unavoidable, be it the driving involved or hot water for coffee. We have partnered with non-profit Ekos to offset the carbon our operations produced in 2018, plus some.

What that means.
We buy certified carbon credits from Ekos, which are sourced from their own indigenous forest carbon and conservation projects. We purchase credits equivalent to the amount of carbon we produce and they spend that money on supporting and protecting indigenous rainforests here in NZ and the Pacific; crucial habitats that stabilise our weather and are at immense risk of being cut down for agriculture.

We opted to be Climate Positive.
Instead of going “Carbon Zero” (offsetting 100% of emissions) we offset 225% of the carbon we produced in 2018 (note; to be carbon positive you only need to offset by 120%).

Why? If the atmosphere was a beach it would be covered in rubbish and plastic. Picking up our own rubbish keeps the beach from getting dirtier. Picking up a little of another at the same time means we start to clean the place up.

How we did this. We contacted Ekos and were pleasantly surprised with both how easy this process was and how little it actually cost. They helped us understand how much carbon we produced, what the offset cost would be and where that money would be used once we offset.

A massive thank you to the team at Ekos for their amazing service through this process.

You can view our full report  here .

You can view our full report here.

Raw Materials

Knowing where our materials come from is important to us. It allows us to ensure people and planet are being treated well throughout the whole process of Limber’s production.

We are proud to say Limber is New Zealand made-to-last from premium Finnish Birch, forested under strict environmental protection standards.

There are a number of things we are still looking to understand the origin off. We are still searching for who makes our;

  1. Screws

  2. Sash cord

  3. Aluminium

  4. Castor Wheels

  5. Steel

If you know of or are a supplier of these products and have transparency of your supply chain please get in touch (, we want to partner with you.


Throughout this process of looking to understand how we can be regenerative in our approach to business we are learning interesting things;

  1. Traceability information for products is not commonly available, most suppliers can’t answer these questions.

  2. Some people take it as criticism and get defensive when you ask these questions, so be kind.

  3. Learning about how things are made is fascinating, fun and not often intuitive.

Next steps

The next step for us is to get a full certification through an external audit process and a bespoke life cycle assessment methodology and certification. This is expensive, so we are gearing up for it.

We are also actively looking for suppliers who can give us traceability on our Limber components and making sure people and the environment are being cared for in the decisions we make as we grow.

After all, we spend the majority of our productive lives at work. Making it positive for your health and regenerative for the planet is better for everyone.

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