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Making people and planet healthier, one desk at a time.

We are passionate about making sure what we do at Limber is contributing positively to the planet and the people we work with. We design our products to stand the test of time and be simple to fix should that fail. We make them in ways and from materials that care for people and the planet.

We’re on a mission to leave our world better than we found it.


Caring for our natural world.

To make sure we have the least impact on the environment, we opted to craft our desks out of sustainably forested Nordic Birch wood from Finland. Not only it is beautiful, it is also a very strong wood that will withstand the test of time and forested under the strictest environmental standards.

Getting the atmosphere right.

ClimatePositive-BO-Colour (1).png

We offset 225% of our 2018 operating carbon emissions and proudly are a Climate Positive Operations business. We are working with EKOS towards having full transparency on the supply chain and environmental impacts of all components of Limber, read more about this here. We are committed to continue offsetting our operating carbon emissions in the future.

Forming a stronger community.


In 2017 we partnered with the Common Unity Project Aotearoa, a charity dedicated to feeding and improving the lives of vulnerable children. Inside their Re-makery we produce your Limbers and work with their partners and projects to provide opportunities to the local community and feed delicious, locally farmed and organic produce to the young people in our community.

Additionally, we create employment opportunities for mothers, refugees and the incarcerated through Common Unity’s Sew Good Cooperative. The bags used for the Limber counterweights are made out of premium denims which the Sew Good team have saved from going landfill and then handmade into your weight bags.

Evolving everyday.

We’re not perfect, yet. We will work with you to make sure we become a model for a sustainable economy. One which cares deeply for planet and people and uses its power create a world we can all thrive within. #BetterThanWeFoundIt