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Limber Studio

Limber Stool

Limber Stool

Created by a collective of health professionals, creative thinkers, and engineers.

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Some of the companies around town you'll see using Limber.



Natalie Sisson - Chief Freedomist & educator at

“Limber gets me moving and being much more conscious of when I'm not. It's given me much more pleasure in working from my laptop.”

Ben Gleisner- CEO Conscious Consumers

“Limber is as good looking as it is good for you! I have found that Limber has made me more mobile and also more accessible to others.”

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Connor Boyle - Events and Marketing Executive for the Malcam Charitable Trust

“I call it my seriously awesome, actually ergonomic desk and I love the way that I feel at the end of a long day at work with Limber. When I work at home, without my Limber, I get sore, stiff and uncomfortable after only a few hours.”

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